What’s a TAMM anyway?

Triangle Area Missions Ministries (TAMM) was an invitation to the Christian community of churches and ministries to come together to better communicate and work better together to serve those in need.  The Body of Christ working together. That’s it.  TAMM is a movement, not an organization; no membership, no dues, not a controlling entity, and no record keeping.  If you like to read please go to the website and read up on the history and even more history.  If you’d like to sign up to participate go to the website and “join the movement”.

What’s a CarePoint?

TAMM invited meal and outreach providers serving in Moore Square Park on the weekends, to come together to consider a community wide effort to begin setting up scattered points of care in and around the city. The purpose of these sites care points would be to provide for the material and spiritual needs of people who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. CarePoint was born. Serving more people, but in smaller numbers; to build deeper relationships that may lead to a transformed life and if possible the desire to leave the streets and camps. For many, especially the medically and mentally fragile, the plan included helping them become housed and maybe even save their lives.

Is TAMM trying to take over the world?

No, TAMM is not trying to take over the world, not trying to keep people from enjoying the park, and not trying to drive homeless people out of the park.  The park is for every citizen to enjoy. One reason TAMM launched the CarePoint plan was because the park is going to close and/or the city may, at any moment, decide laws needed to be enforced.  Many concerned individuals and homeless outreach providers came together for more than a year to develop CarePoint – a proactive seamless response and community wide strategy- to avoid, if possible, the disruption of care or a knee-jerk reaction by anyone that may consequently let the folks down that need us the most.  TAMM was also concerned about those not being reached who live outside of town and are currently not coming to the park and not receiving any help.  It was agreed that there were so many resources available that if we put our heads and hearts together, we might be able to be creative to help more people more deeply.

Do I have to become a part of WAMM to be involved with CarePoint?

No. You may enter the CarePoint website independently or through the TAMM website.  CarePoint agreements are established through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed between groups, ministries and property owners.

What do I have to do if I become a part of TAMM?

Be willing to be identified with the Christian community that desires to communicate and work better together to serve people in need. Groups serving are respected for the care they are currently expressing.

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