What is a CarePoint? It's all over this website!

At CarePoint, our goal is to bring our community together – those who need a little help, with those who have enough to share.  Our community is stronger when we work together and help each other.  Help can take many forms. You may have a Saturday or Sunday to spare, but lack a safe place to share your food and time with those in need. You may have a facility that isn’t being used on a particular day, but lack volunteers to provide needed food. The goal of CarePoints is to coordinate the tools to bring people together – those who need the food, those who have food to share, and those who have a place to offer to provide the food to those in need.

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Indoor Child, Youth Recreation, and Outreach

Indoor child and youth recreation and outreach space connected to the anchor church and home of 1 of 3 upcoming careprojects.  A bread and pastry business and culinary training kitchen that provides job training jobs and profits of food sold to the community buys food to prepare and feed and serve hungry local children and families as a CarePoint.  3 in one!  All CareProjects operate in that way.  The CarePoints are the meeting site around food, Gods Word and connecting people who care with people needing the care to escape poverty, crime, abuse, and overcoming homelessness.