CarePoint Triangle

Birth of CarePoint

One immediate concern of T.A.M.M. was to help the community be prepared for the closing of Moore Square during the scheduled park reconstruction.  Local ministries serving in Moore Square were asked the question – “Are you happy with how your service is going?” Most responded they were concerned about ministry overlap and the desire to do more than just “give stuff away”. Almost all of the ministries wanted to build closer relationships with the people they serve. Various ministry groups began meeting to discuss how they could better reach their own ministry goals by communicating and cooperating with each other – and CarePoint was born.

Our Goal

At CarePoint, our goal is to bring our community together – those who need a little help, with those who have enough to share.  Our community is stronger when we work together and help each other.  Help can take many forms. You may have a Saturday or Sunday to spare, but lack a safe place to share your food and time with those in need. You may have a facility that isn’t being used on a particular day, but lack volunteers to provide needed food. The goal of CarePoints is to coordinate the tools to bring people together – those who need the food, those who have food to share, and those who have a place to offer to provide the food to those in need.

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Some Guidelines for CarePoint Sites

Here are a few important things to consider as you carry out your desire  to do good and serve the Lord and others:

  • Individually wrap or bag meals & resources
  • Use smallest package appropriate to reduce trash
  • Consider lack of storage & refrigeration options
  • Stay with the food you bring, don’t leave trays or bags for later pick-up
  • Clean-up trash & recycling, HAUL OFF, leave the area cleaner than when you arrived!

 Let’s not hurt the people we are trying to help – when it looks bad after we leave they get the blame!

Printable Version of these Suggestions and invitation to TAMM

CarePoint Site Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) including general site and resource provision guidelines.

 Memorandum of Understanding in PDF format