As part of your great support to the implementation of construction of a fish pond project in Benue State, Nigeria, the US Africa Outreach Foundation considered it necessary, as it is, in our culture, to make available this report, in order to keep you abreast on the progress of work done so far. This report is accompanied by pictorials and a video highlight for illustration.

The land was procured considerably with nearness to water.  The soil type is impervious (more than 20% clay) to ensure minimum water lost through seepage.  The water table as measured is between 30 – 50 cm from the bottom of the pond and the maximum distance is not more than 5 -6 meters.  The topography is favorably to our advantage since it will control any flooding possibilities that would increase detritus effects and erosion potential and also introduce undesirable species into the pond.  We were able to procure the pond equipment and other materials needed for $4,300.00.  While the site used for the construction of the pond was secured at $3,500.  We also got some more volunteers for free labor from amongst DOZA members.  The labor was freely provided by a volunteer group of experts as we notified you in the past.  What we are able to do is to provide them with free meals for the whole period they are going to be working. We still need roughly about $1,300. 00 to be able to complete this project which will include plastering, sealing, stocking with the preferred species and the initial feeding meals.

This project, after its completion and properly stabilizing, would be able to service up to 25% of members of the local community in the areas of Job opportunity, feeding of both children and poor people around the community.  As we acknowledge your great gesture to establishing such a project in Benue State, which is the food basket of Nigeria to help reducing poverty rate, it may also please you to note that pioneer members involved in the handling of the project on your behalf, have indicated very strong interest in duplicating this idea to help complement your efforts. They include Prophet Idoko, Professor Jato, and Mr. Chukwudi who is a Business- man.