Prayers that the government in Peru not be punitive to evangelicals.  Prayers for vocational training programs at an orphanage they help support there. The orphanage is expanding and prayers for Christian foster parents being recruited and trained. The orphanage in Peru is being made a model for Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Prayers also for a Mission House in Peru where men and one to two families live. These are Venezuelan refugees that don’t want to be in gangs. The Mission House was built on the
Rescue Mission model. There is also a car wash business and a delivery service. A motorcycle was purchased for this delivery service and has been especially used since Peru is ravaged with Covid. They were getting ready to start a second Mission House in Peru but the focus changed to the kids. Plans to start job training programs (sewing, cooking, welding, etc.) that will help them find jobs.

Prayers also for finances to support the trip to Peru.  

History and focus – Because of the turbulent social political and economic breakdown for citizens of Venezuela of their government and country many young men and young families flee Venezuela to start their lives over again. As they leave they move southward and unable to get through the jungles of Panama they make their way through Colombia, Equador and Peru. 

Rey, Director of Spanish Mission Builders knew of a potential “anchor” church for a CareProject in Peru. He started a mission house in Peru and began rescuing young men and families off the streets. They needed a job so we started a Car Wash for the people to work. CC serves as consultant for the project and went to Peru to preach in the anchor church, meet the residents, support the counseling for the residents, purchase new mattresses for the beds. As the pandemic grew more widespread people were ordered to stay at home.  Donations were made a motorcycle was purchased to give a job for a resident and the income helped support him and his wife and child. He donates a portion of his earnings to the orphanage supported by SMB and CC in Peru.

The next CareProject in Peru is to develop an employment training program and welding business to support the work of the orphanage in preparing the young people to become employed with a Christ centered work ethic.