2 Timothy 2:14

Pray for our Civic Leaders

  • That they would come to know, follow, and honor Christ

  • That they would seek God’s wisdom in their deliberations

  • That they would advance God’s justice

  • That they would be examples of righteousness to our society

Pray for our Pastors

  • That they would be filled with God’s wisdom

  • That God would pour His Spirit on them in power and humility

  • That they would abide in Christ

  • That they and their families would be protected from spiritual attack

  • That they would be honored by and prayed for by those they serve

  • That they would have the heart of a shepherd and that they would be strong in prayer

Pray for the Family

  • For forgiveness, where needed to be asked for and granted, in marriages and families

  • For the healing of long-standing hurts and for marriages to be re-centered in Christ

  • For strong, Christian bonds to be formed and maintained with parents and children

  • That parents would have God’s wisdom in raising children

  • That parents would trust God’s work in their children’s lives

  • For God’s grace for singles who are coping with loneliness, purity, or other challenges

Pray for Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and Emergency Personnel

  • For righteous wisdom, principled patience, and gentle authority

  • For courage and strength when in harm’s way

  • For God’s blessing for their marriages and families

  • That they would be able agents of God’s hand to resist evil , ensure justice and provide safety

  • That God would protect them in the performance of their duties.

Pray for Schools and Education

  • That teachers and administrators would have the opportunity to know and follow Christ

  • That educators would have a renewed zeal for truth and virtue

  • For Christian students to reach out to their unsaved peers

  • For wisdom for the school board and superintendent as they determine policy

  • For mighty work of God on our schools and college campuses

Pray for the Marketplace

  • For the gospel to spread in the market place

  • That God would prosper those who conduct business in righteousness and godly principles

  • That the dominion of mammon and greed would be broken in companies and corporations

  • That those involved in criminal business practices would be exposed and prosecuted

  • That CEOs and heads of companies/corporations would treat their employees fairly

Pray for Racial Reconciliation

  • That reconciliation between races would begin where it must begin: in the Church

  • For close, open, and honest relationships to be formed across the cultures in the Church

  • For deeper cross-racial friendships and partnerships to be forged among pastors

  • For greater expression of unity among Christians of all races – in worship, prayer, and ministry

  • That the Church would truly model oneness across the races to a racially torn world

Pray for the Poor and Needy

  • For sufficient food, clothing, and shelter for the homeless

  • That the Church would remember the poor and seek to minister to them

  • For compassion ministries (With Love from Jesus, Church in the Woods, Love, Inc. and others)

  • That God would release the poor and needy from any hidden cycles of oppression and despair

  • For the love of Christ to be made manifest as the poor are ministered to

Pray for the Media

  • For people in broadcast and print media to come to know Christ personally

  • That any attitudes of cynicism or sarcasm would be changed

  • That God would especially touch those in news reporting, bringing many to Himself

  • For the strengthening and encouragement of those in the media who are Christians

Pray for Youth

  • That many in their teens would radically commit their lives to Christ

  • For our Christian youth to make principled, moral decisions and deliverance from evil

  • For guiding friendships with older, godly mentors

  • For good communication with parents

  • For God’s intentions for their generation to come forth in fullest measure

Pray for the Military

  • For God to extend the gospel message through the special web of military life

  • For safety for our troops in fields of combat

  • For God to sustain the families of those now deployed

  • For wisdom for military leadership

  • For God’s grace upon chaplains and other spiritual leaders in the military

Pray for Arts and Entertainment

  • For continuance of the production of motion pictures with biblical themes

  • For Hollywood Prayer Network, which prays for/reaches out to those in the film industry

  • That God would reset the compass and restore godly values to the arts and entertainment

  • That the arts and entertainment industries would refrain from catering to base desires

  • For arts and entertainment to bring glory and honor to God

Pray for the Church

  • For the healing of divisions between pastors, churches and denominations

  • That a landslide of prayer would come over the Church

  • For a God-sent spiritual awakening to sweep the Church

  • For the gospel to be brought from the Church to those apart from Christ, locally and globally

Pray for the Unborn

  • For the protection of the unborn

  • That God would change the hearts of those seeking abortions

  • For the ministry of Christ through crisis pregnancy centers and Christian adoption agencies

  • For God to touch the hearts of doctors performing abortions and those working at abortion clinics

  • Most of all, that the gospel would soften hearts and that God’s value for life would be seen

Pray for Widows and Orphans

  • For the Church to share God’s deep love for widows and orphans

  • That through God’s people, widows, in and outside the Church would be cared for

  • For the many orphans in foster care facilities to be adopted into loving, Christian families