The goal of CarePoint is to bring our community together – those who need a little help, with those who have enough to share. Our community is stronger when we work together and help each other. Help can take many forms. You may have a Saturday or Sunday to spare, but lack a safe place to share your food and time with those in need. You may have a facility that isn’t being used on a particular day, but lack volunteers to provide needed food. The goal of CarePoints is to coordinate the tools to bring people together – those who need the food, those who have food to share, and those who have a place to offer to provide the food to those in need.

Vist Carepoint Triangle to find out more about carepoint and to see a current listing.

Below:  A Partnership we have with CPN.  Read on…

connecting to resources

Partner Network

The Community Partner Network (CPN) represents a consortium of organizations and volunteers that have come together as a team to meet the needs of neighbors struggling with poverty and crisis.

The CPN empowers and equips the community to stand in the gap where a bridge is desperately needed to critical resources. It strategically canvases the community for vital resources and connects these resources to service providers and faith-based initiatives.  Click here to learn more…